Robert Hammond


// Ongoing

Stack: React, Gatsby, SASS, Netlify

Key features: All the best bits of Gatsby, Netlify watches git repo for new deploys. Theme toggle with session storage.

// 2020

Richmond Residential

Stack: React, Contentful CMS, Netlify

Key features: Continuous deployment, property search, property tagging (let, sold, etc), featured properties.

// In prog

CNG Trade Services

Stack: SASS, jQuery, Vanilla JS, PHP, MySQL

Key features: User specific downloads, careers posts, case studies posts.

// 2018

Greygates Nursery


Simple, responsive landing page.

// 2017

East Beach Cafe

Stack: SASS, jQuery, Vanilla JS, Woocommerce

Key features: Woocommerce based Shop, custom emails per product.

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